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CCalc: The Complete Calculator


CCalc is probably the only calculator app that you will ever need. It provides a powerful functionality and a great user experience. Driven by the motto “don’t make me write the same thing twice”, the complete calculator saves you valuable time and effort. A “must have” tool for every device.Beautiful InterfaceThe simple, minimalistic & stylish interface makes using CCalc a pleasant experience.
Editable screenMaking a mistake while writing an expression is common. Don’t bother! The editable screen allows you to fix it with no effort.
Powerful memorySave every number and expression you want in a convenient list, allowing you to easily use them whenever you need.
Other features★ Share★ Calculator History★ Beautiful multicolor screen showing the whole expression★ Stylish skins★ Built-in functions and constants★ User-definable Formulas★ Customizable digit grouping★ Full and simple layout option ★ Landscape mode★ Fixed orientation setting★ Customizable rounding precision★ Vibration★ Stay awake option★ No adds
FAQ- What are Formulas?Formulas are suitable for saving expressions, which you will often use or edit.
- How can I create Formulas?There are two ways to create a formula:1) The “save” button on the display2) The “Create” (“+”) button
- How can I use percentages?210 + 20% = 252210 * 20% = 42210 + %(10 + 10) = 25220 % 210 = 42